Keep It Clean or Pursue a Sewer System Replacement

You may just be in need of a sewer system replacement at your Richfield home. Your sewer system down, this is no doubt a troubling time for you. You likely have questions about how a sewer system replacement would unfold. Do not hesitate to call us at Gene’s Water and Sewer where we will tackle your questions, address your concerns and get you all set up on our schedule.

Somewhat regular cleaning of your sewer system (which we can gladly conduct) can go a long way in prevention of a sewer system replacement. If your plumbing is beyond the cleaning point and is in need of repair, you do have options. A trenchless sewer repair yields sewer system replacements and repairs sans digging a gigantic  trench to get the work done. In a nutshell, a resin-based liner is pulled through your existing pipes and is then inflated. This liner adheres to the innards of your current piping and covers any cracks. A hole is only required at the deemed point of entry. Going about your sewer system replacement in this fashion means you do not have to concern yourself with being troubled over  having your property (garden, landscaping and/or yard) to have the replacement completed. This process is a lot less in the way of hassle that can be implemented at most homes and with most sewer systems. Existing variables (as per your property, piping and plumbing set-up) need to be addressed—which we can cover when you call us.

Maybe deeply rooted trees are your problem? A tree’s root system can grow very deep into the ground, below the surface. Often, these roots grow into your sewer pipes, causing stress on your piping, ultimately cracking them. Make sure that this is at the forefront of your mind if you choose to plant new trees. Place your new trees as far away from your sewer pipes as is possible.

You may not be able to put off a sewer system replacement for too long, but, you can take some steps to keep your sewer system in its best possible shape. Getting your pipes cleaned by professionals on something of a schedule will help, as will being sensible with your flushes. Do not flush anything down your toilets other than toilet paper and human waste.

For more information on sewer system replacement in Richfield, call Gene’s Water & Sewer at 612-781-3737, or you can contact us to get a Free Estimate.


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