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Water and Sewer Systems of a Down

Water and sewer system replacement is a massive undertaking. It may just be that after a certain point in time you are left with no choice other than to pursue it, especially if your water or sewer lines are leaking.

We at Gene’s Water & Sewer would like to suggest some things to look for that are indicative of a need to pursue a water and sewer system replacement for your Maple Grove area home.

Water System

Issues within the water line can be pointed out to you in a number of ways. For example, in the case of a leak, take heed of your water bill amount, which may be higher monthly. The leak could be so large that there may be greener areas of your yard, even standing water which can build up in your yard or by the curb as the lines near the municipal portion of the water line.

Sewer System

Back-ups are frequently the go-to when it comes to the realization that something is up with your sewer line—especially if the back-up occurs in the lowest plumbing fixture within the house. If your lower level has a sink, shower and/or toilet and one of them gets backed-up, it can be because of a broken sewer line. Should you not have a basement, apply the same sort of thinking to the first floor, or the bathroom closest to where the sewer line exits your home. By using cameras we can check the sewer line for any clogs or debris and attempt to clear it to get things moving correctly again. One scenario that will not allow for the avoidance of a water and sewer system replacement will be if tree roots have grown into or otherwise hindered the abilities of flow from your pipes.

Gene’s Water & Sewer offers several solutions to water and sewer problems. We can use our fiber optic cameras to pinpoint the source of backups and flush them out, solving the problem. If the problem is bigger than just a clog, we offer water and sewer pipe replacement services. If the pipes are in an area that would be difficult to excavate, we can pull in a new water service or directionally boar a new water line.

If you are in need of water and sewer system replacement in Maple Grove, talk to Gene’s Water & Sewer to get things flowing again. Call us today at (612) 781-3737. You can also fill out our online form to receive a Free Estimate.